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Erchonia FX635 Laser Therapy

Among 3LT Laser treatment machines, Erchonia FX635 holds the best qualifications.

FDA has approved this treatment for chronic pain in joints like places like the ankle.

Other laser treatment machines only have a one beam of light that stays in one place but the FX635 has three beams of light that can rotate 360 degrees.

This makes it possible to treat the damaged cells in a wider area.

It is required to take a separate seminar in order to use the laser treatment machine.  

In the United States, only a handful of hospitals operate this machine but in Pennsylvania, we are the only clinic that has this piece of equipment. 

East Norriton Chiropractor | Erchonia FX635 Laser Therapy. Dr. Chul Ho Yu is a East Norriton Chiropractor.